The Blackstone-Ipswich Cambrian Choir is an incorporated, community-based, not-for-profit organisation. It is governed by a management committee, with elections for all positions on the management committee held each year in March at the Annual General Meeting.

Each year the members of the Choir appoint a Patron, a Senior Vice Patron and up to five Vice Patrons. The position of patron is an honorary one whose role is to assist in promoting the objectives of the organisation.

From time to time, the Management Committee may extend the honour of Life Membership to people who have been members of the organisation for at least ten years and who have provided outstanding services or assistance in the advancement of the Choir.

The Management Committee

Nigel Lewis
Vice President
Warren Parcell
Warren Haag
Marellen Haag
Assistant Treasurer
Janice Duynisveld
Publicity Officers
Daniel Bryant
Peter Wakeling
Membership Officer
Rena Stevens
Debbie Lewis


Jennifer Howard MP
Senior Vice-Patron
Shirley Dawes
Berniece Hicks
Elaine Barrett
Pamela Brown
Brian Thomson
Dorothy Graham-Wilson

Life Members

Lewis Thomas
Anne Thomas
James Gillow
Stead Edmunds
Stan Edmunds
Myfanwy Parry
Gib Reason
Lyla McGuire
Nancy Jones
Billie Bailey
Marie Taylor
Clem Dawes
Blodwyn Whitehead (nee Edmunds)
Nola Grant
Edward Kelleher
Wendy Walker
Ian Bryan
Bryan Capern
Frank Robinson
W J Graham-Wilson
Elaine Barrett
Warren Parcell
Debbie Lewis
Bernice Hicks
Bronwyn French
Noel Lewis
Nigel Lewis
Marellen Haag (nee Graham-Wilson)