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Be “Groovy” with the Cambrian Youth Choir!

“Groovy” is a celebration of the hippies and flower children of the 1960s.

Travis, Muriel and Alice decide to throw a free Music, Beads and Flowers Celebration. A popular singing group, the Lemon Bugs, love the idea and donate their talent. Everything is going nicely until Mrs Porter, who hates ‘The Love Generation’, shows up and demands that the local police close it down.

You will love the wildly funny characters and great ’60s style songs including: ‘Anything is Possible’, ‘Lemon Bugs in a Lemon Air-o-plane’, ‘Brothers and Sisters’ and, naturally, ‘Groovy’!

It’s fast! It’s funky! And it’s groovy, all right. In fact, it’s the best celebration in town.

Book by Tim Kelly.

Music & Lyrics by Bill Francoeur.

“Groovy” is produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service, Inc., Englewood, Colorado.


Adults: $20

Children: $10
(5-12 years old)

Under 5s: FREE


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