Dear all,

Unfortunately, one of our choir members has today (15/2/2022) tested positive to COVID-19 and is now self-isolating.  Given the spread and number of cases in Queensland at present, this was not unexpected, but now we must work to minimise any possible further spread within our choir community.  Please read the following information carefully.

Our membership officer Lav has been doing daily tests and has returned negative results until this morning.  She attended both Sunday and Monday’s rehearsals.  Lav had more interactions with some members than others, so has given her permission to be identified so those who she has had more contact with can monitor themselves to a greater extent.

It is the recommendation from the Management Committee that ALL choir members who attended rehearsal on Sunday or Monday be on the lookout for any COVID like symptoms and get tested if you have any symptoms.

Another clean of the hall has already been done and the hall has been ventilated for as long as possible today.

A reminder that, if any choir members are required to quarantine because of COVID-19 (diagnosis or close contact), you must contact the Management Committee by replying to this email, so the organisation can take the appropriate action.  No member will be directly identified in this process unless they give their approval.

BICC Management Committee